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Bournemouth (30/12-2/1 - Let's Party weekend

- A New Years Eve Party weekend  - Dave, Karl & Jamie - 3 nights DB&B)

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Beginner/Improver/Easy Intermediate

Check out Ria's 3am, a catchy/cool Latin Samba - Likewise P&A's Shake Rumble & Quake, a great 'Clap Happy' sort of beat

Maggie's Dancing In The Daylight is a great upbeat Two-Step Improver - For another upbeat pop one try Rachael's That Ceiling Feeling, a 'Summer Of Love' sort of dance - Michelle's Story Of A Heart too - And Niels's Act Like A Man, another catchy Little Mix track

Lot's of great feedback on Darren's Sweet Caroline - If you like this classic Neil Diamond track in particular - Some don't lol

Niel's cool beginner is catching on - Really like this one - Maggie G's Cards On The Table & Gary's Down On Your Uppers too :-)


Lot's of others to pick from - Have a look for yourselves ------------

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Solid Intermediate

N&J's Guilty As Hell is an awesome Rolling-8 to a powerful Paloma track -

Top 10 contenders include Gary/Helen's Crybaby, Gary/Guillaume/Niels's Trompeta,  N&J's I Was Wrong & Everybody's Got A Secret, Maggie's Hearts On Fire - The dance of the moment is of course Simon/Daniel/Fred's Hurts Like A Cha Cha  - And Fred/Georgina's Peculiar Game is just as good too

Ria's Enough is Enough is another great mixed beat one & not too hard - And she also has an awesome new Nightclub called Please Stay - N&J's Bloodstone is a cool funky Nightclub too - And if you like a Waltz, Scott's Part-Time Girlfriend was a big hit at Legends

For some great fun check out the follow-up to Clap Snap - Party Train from Rebecca & Sobrielo


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Higher Intermediate/Advanced/Newline

Tension is a mega cool West Coast from Gary/Maggie -

Sexy Beaches rocks - And for another cool phrased/mixed-beat one check out Dunk It from Dee/Kate/Niels - And great job JoT/Guyton with a high energy Oh Mama Hey

Check out Scott/Rachael's Hot Damn, a cool/fast 32/4 West Coast - Don't miss Shane's No Stress too

The smooth dances of the moment are Simon/Niels's Equal Love & Debbie/Jannie's Beautiful Wonderful - Don't miss Dee/Fred's Safe In These Arms too

And the heavyweight Newline dances of the moment  include Perfect Picture, Lights Down Low, Me You & The Dancefloor & Lay It Back - Check out JP's latest too - A funky Let It Bump


Lot's of others to pick from - Have a look for yourselves ------------

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Keep The Country Going !! :-)

After Lonely Drum, check out Rob's Dance Her Home - Equally good in every way -  Other than that 'Go Maddy' with an Improver Story, an Easy-Intermediate Friends For Life & a intermediate Boots - Great country dances  - Pat Stott's Forget-Me-Not is a lovely smooth Intermediate Cha - And Gary's People Are Good a lovely smooth Two-Step

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