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Mardi Gras is a month long celebration the ends on Fat Tuesday Feb 13. So Sunday Feb 11Monday Feb 12 and the big final day Tuesday Feb 13 are the days with some of the best parades and when the majority of crowds of people are in downtown New Orleans.


Here is a schedule of optional activities you may choose to participate in :



Bacchus Parade 5:15 PM

Many of us are buying grandstand seats for all the parades. If you want to stand and watch the parades, remember it's very crowded and lasts a few hours so you need to get there early to find a spot. Below is where you can buy your grandstand seats.  We are in section Lafayette B, but the other sections are also close by.  The grandstand seats for this parade cost $65.00 each. THESE WILL SELL OUT, SO BOOK THESE  YOURSELF IN ADVANCE ASAP.



After the parade, we plan to go to dinner. I know many of you may not be in on time, but don't worry, there are more great parades the next day!



City Tours and Evening Parades

Optional:  We have hired a bus tour company to pick you up at the hotel and do a city tour. This bus will leave at approximately 9:00 in the morning.  It's a 3 hour tour, and at the end it will drop you in the city.  You can continue to explore, have a meal, or a drink or two!  Cost is $45.00. BOOK BUS TICKETS THROUGH DIANE.


Optional:  After the city tour, you can take a Mardi Gras World tour, where you see and learn all about how the fabulous floats are made. On Monday Feb 12 the last tour is 1 PM and there are none on Tuesday Feb 13.  It is located near where the city tour will end.




Optional:  Creole Queen paddleboat tour is near where we will be dropped off from the city tour. They leave 2 PM-4:30 PM. You can buy tickets for $34.00, or including a traditional New Orleans lunch buffet the cost is $48.00   http://www.creolequeen.com/



Another option:  Visit the free Lundi Gras Festival located along the riverfront area of Woldenberg Park.  Features lots of great food vendors and 3 stages of live music. Runs from 10 AM-6:30 PM.  It's near where the city tour ends.   More info in the link below.



At 5:15 PM, there are the last and most awesome evening parades of this season! They are the Proteus and the Orpheus parades.  You can buy grandstand seats from the link below or just hang out and stand on the parade route and watch them. The grandstand seats cost $30.00 each.  We are sitting in Lafayette B, but all sections are fine, and all are close by.




The Hop On And Off City tours which normally run from 9am-5pm will be on limited routes that day, so they are not a great value on Monday. They don't run at all on Tuesday due to the crowded streets.  But they resume on Wednesday.


More Options:  There are also paddleboat tours, swamp boat and airboat tours, cocktail tours, plantation tours and cooking tours. CONTACT DIANE FOR MORE INFORMATION on these if you wish.


After the parades on Monday night, you could explore the many bars and restaurants.  There is live music everywhere especially in the French Quarter! You're on your own to get back to the hotel on Monday night.  Lyft and Uber will pick you up anywhere in the city.  The hotel is 12 miles from downtown. You should be sure to download the app before you arrive to make it easier.  



 The last and best parades begin 8 AM and there are 4 of them! We have hired a bus to take you downtown.  The bus leaves the hotel at 6:30 AM to get us downtown in time to see the parades. 



The grandstand seats for the parades are available and 1 ticket lets you sit for all 4 parades which end around 11:30 AM. See above link to get tickets. These costs $65.00 each.  We are sitting in Lafayette B, but any section is fine, all close.




After the parades you are within walking distance to the French Quarter where all the action will be. IT WILL BE A SEA OF PEOPLE; VERY CROWDED! You can wander around the streets, and getting into bars may take an hour or more. But you will get to do some great people watching!


We have found another great option!  We are going to a bar on Bourbon street that offers a "Balcony Package".  For a set price, you get a guaranteed seat on a 50 ft balcony overlooking all the action in the French Quarter, 3 hours of FREE DRINKS, a live band and a DJ, VIP restrooms and access to a grill for food.  ALL OF THIS for only $210.00! This has been specially discounted for our group!  There are only 50 spaces in total, and we have already reserved12. CONTACT DIANE ASAP IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. Our time slot for the balcony party is 2 PM till 5 PM. 


After that you can wander and explore. The gay clubs and bars are right in the next block from where we will be at the balcony party. This area will have some of the most colorful people watching in the city!


At 8 PM we will have two tables of 10 each reserved at BB Kings for anyone who wants to sit and listen to live music, eat, drink and finish up the festivities. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US, LET DIANE KNOW ASAP.  Or just keep on partying anywhere you wish.


The ONLY BUS BACK TO THE HOTEL will leave by BB Kings at 11 PM. The entire city closes down at midnight. It's the only day of the year that this happens. YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR SEAT IN ADVANCE WITH DIANE.


For the staff only, there is a dinner planned for Wednesday at 5 PM a few blocks from BB Kings.  STAFF, PLEASE RSVP TO DIANE.


On Wednesday, the city is back to normal. We will be having our pre party at BB Kings at 8 PM-midnight. Dave will be playing our music between the set of the live music. All of the event instructors will be hanging out and having fun with you.  You can expect some expect some of them to be on stage with the band rockin' out!  Maybe some of you will be up there too! We will be dancing up and down stairs. Desert and cocktail bar all for $35.00, you need to PURCHASE TICKETS ON OUR WEBSITE.



Non dancers are welcome to participate in any and all the above activities.  Make your decisions soon, everything will sell out!


If you have questions about any of this, write to ME.  Don't write to Sandy.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Diane Petoskey at healthmanager1@aol.com


Website: www.SpreadYourWingsAndDance.com

Join us for Mardi Gras! at the 2018 Dance Xperience in New Orleans!






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