Ask about an internal flight deal when you are booking your international flights - If you fly out on say a Thursday you could first spend a long weekend at


before flying on to Tucson (Or do it on the way back)


Once there ------- Book into a motel & have a tour further a field sometime during your stay - Maybe one of the following ---


LAS VEGAS - A major trip this one !! Think twice !! - But one year we did have a long weekend trip - Maybe calling in on the town of Quartzsite (A bargain hunters dream !!) on the way & then onto Lake Havasu (Home of the London Bridge) for a night to break up the trip to Vegas - And on the way back stopping to check out the Hoover Dam & maybe break the trip back with a stay at historic Wickenburg


GRAND CANYON - 300 miles up north on the I-10, through Phoenix & Flagstaff - The experience of a lifetime is to behold the awesome Grand Canyon - A long day out with an early start, an awesome afternoon sightseeing & a late finish - But well worth it - Alternatively you could stay over at say Sedona, Flagstaff, Williams (Do the final stage of the trip from there on the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams Station) or the Canyon itself - If you're feeling flush & want the ultimate experience, book a VIP flight day out with Westwinds Aviation from Phoenix (Includes landing, lunch & a ground tour)