DoTucson.Com - Tucson's premier on-line visitors guide

Tucson Weekly - The web site of Tucson's main weekly entertainment/what's-on free newspaper - A must to check out before you go - And pick the paper up at the airport when you get there

Arizona Daily Star - Arizona's biggest daily newspaper

Tucson Citizen - Tucson's biggest daily newspaper

Tucson's Official Visitors Guide - Pick up the latest magazine at the tourist desk at Tucson Airport when you arrive - Also take your pick from hundreds of flyers & free brouchers for just about everywhere & anything !! Near baggage reclaim

KIIM Fm - A great Country Radio Station - And a good site to watch out for what's happening on the Country music scene in Tucson & Arizona

Arizonaguide.Com - An on-line tourist guide

Gray Line  - Bus tours for those days you want a break from the driving - The 'Old Pueblo' City Tour is a great way to see the sights