Newcastle (15-17/11 - ALAMO weekend - With guest choreographer Kate Sala - Our annual Xmas special - A Xmas In Vegas)
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Great workshop/class - Thanks AZ's as ever - We worked on two great new dances this week - From Maggie a cracking upbeat 64/2 Intermediate Cha 'It's You & I' (To be released at our Southport weekend) & a cool/classy 32/4 Higher Intermediate Nightclub 'I Guess' (Being released next week) - Both 5/5 hits - We also recapped Body Talks, Nothing But You, You & Me Together & Whisper In My Ear - We are going to go back to I Am Giant, Just A Phase, I Hope & Candlelight next week ..


In late-birds we had a first go at two - N&J's new West Coast My Love Goes On & Fred/Nicola's 8&1 Cha Give Me Love, we need to work on these & next week bringing My Love Goes On forward into the main class - We recapped Hot Stepping & next week we'll have another go at Taste, Somebody To Love & Everybody Feel Good (Love Rush too so we can dance it with Maddy at Southport) - Some great dances around, I guess there always is !!! :-)




Also a shout out for Karl's My Angel & Me, Maggie's We'll Be Dancing & Daniel/Jose's California - Ready & keen to teach but because of my delay getting back too it I've skipped these cool dances because almost all the class have done them & enjoying them at other classes

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28th - 30th June 2019

Two nights D, B&B with all entertainment 169 all-in


Maggie & Dave

at the Carrington House Hotel


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Alamo 2018/19

Mainstream Improver thru Intermediate Line Dancing


Hosted by Dave & Pauline








12th - 15th July 2019

Two nights D, B&B with all entertainment 169 all in

Add Sunday evening DB&B plus evening social for 55



Tina, Alan/Jacqui & Dave

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15th - 17th November 2019

Two nights D, B&B with all entertainment 159 all in


Kate & Dave

Moved from Blackpool

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