My Current Awesome Dances 

Blackpool (17/11-19/11 - ALAMO weekend - With guest choreographers Gary O'Reilly & JP - Our annual Xmas special - A Xmas In Ireland)

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** New for 2017 - Let's Party**

A Xmas Tynemouth 8th - 10th December 2017

with Karl, Jamie & Dave

Scarborough (9-11/3 - ALAMO weekend -
'Just Dave' teaching the latest hit prospects)
Our retirement year in Scarborough - Thanks to everyone for your support over many awesome years :-)


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My Current Awesome Dances 

Deep End (Craig Bennett) - Ben Montague - 48/2 Intermedite - A lovely smooth Nightclub to an awesome track

Refund To My Heart (Ria Vos) - Brenna Whitaker - 64/4 Intermediate - An upbeat West Coast mainstream pop dance

Helium (Ria Vos) - Sia - 32/2 Intermediate - A mega cool/smooth funky Nightclub in the 'Skin' league

Skin (Ria Vos) - Rag 'n Bone Man - 48/2 Intermediate - Another cool funky Nightclub from the 'Human After All' singing star of the moment

Dy Na Mite (Dee Musk) - Nause - 64/2 Intermediate - An awesome catchy funky pop Two-Step beat

Lay Our Flowers (Neville & Julie) - Lady Antebellum - 48/4 Intermediate - Great country & a cool/smooth solid intermediate 8&1 Cha

Boom Pow (Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Scymanski) - Alexandra Stan - 32/4 Intermediate- A cool funky West Coast - Easy enough steps & you make it with the styling !! :-)

Pink Champagne (Rachael McEnaney-White) - Nick Lopez - 64/2 Higher Intermediate/Advanced - A really cool smooth funky West Coast

Happily Ever After (Maddison Glover) - Bruno Mars - 32/2 Intermadiate - A lovely smooth Nightclub with some cool tag phrasing - Something different & cool to an awesome track :-)

Doin' What I Like (Neville & Julie) - Louisa Johnson - 48/2 Advanced - A classy cool Nightclub to an awesome smooth pop track

Chase That Dollar (Dustin Betts) - Tori Kelly - Phrased Advanced - Awesome funky phrased pop

In The Cheap Seats (Neville & Julie) - Dallas Smith - 48/2 Improver - An upbeat country Two-Step beat

Champagne Promise (Tina Argyle) - David Nail - 32/4 BeginnerBeginner - A lovely smooth/slow 'Blue Night Cha' style dance

Dance For Evermore (Laura Sway) - Si Cranstoun - 64/2 Improver - A catchy/cool Two-Step beat from Si Cranstoun

East To West 17 (Alison Johnstone & Simon Ward) - Train - 32/4 Improver- Lovely smooth rolling beat - Reminds me of the Making History track

Flirtin' & Kissin' (Ria Vos) - Natalie Stovall & The Drive - 32/4 Improver- A classy/cool country West Coast - Sounds like Shania - Great country track

Drunken Dreams (Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen) - Morgan Myles - 32/4 Improver - An improver with a touch of cool class too - And equally awesome country - A smooth/slow West Coast beat

Promise Me (Maggie Gallagher) - Jennifer Hudson - 64/2 Intermediate - A cool & classy solid intermediate pop West Coast

Tongue Tied Up (Teresa & Vera) - Earl - 64/2 Intermediate - A fun Charleston beat which the class really enjoyed

I Will Not Say Goodbye (Dee Musk) - Danny Gokey - 48/2 Intermediate - A lovely smooth Nightclub

Clap Clap Clap (Amy Glass) - Leo Soul - Phrased Intermediate- Great fun - A sort of pop 'Dig Your Heels'

Take The Money (Darren Bailey & Co) - O'G3NE - Phrased Advanced - A great funky Newline start to 2017 - Advanced - Fast but the steps are not hard

The Anthem (Scott Blevins) - Griz - 64/2 Intermediate/Advanced- A cracking West Coast - A classic top draw dance from Scott

One Reason (Guyton, Roy & Fiona) - Lady Gaga - 64/1 Advanced - A classy Newline style Nightclub in the Sound Of Silence league

Thumbs Up (Scott Blevins & Amy Glass) - Sabrina Carpenter - Phrased Intermediate- Cool East Coast with easy enough steps & phrasing

Grace (Neville & Julie) - Rag 'n Bone Man - 40/2 Intermediate/Advanced - A classy & clever Newline style smooth Nightclub

Dans Le Tango (Pat Stott) - In-Grid - 64/4 Improver - Easy Tango styling & a cracking dance beat

Stay My Love (Maggie Gallagher) - Una Healy - 32/4 Intermediate - A smooth Nightclub to a lovely track - A classic Maggie G Nightclub :-)

Funky Sole (Robbie M. Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson) - Michael Bolton - 64/4 Easy Intermediate - A beaty/traditional/mainstream pop Cha to a cool cover of 'Old Time Rock & Roll' by Michael Bolton

Moo Dee Blues (Dee Musk) - Ruby Turner - 32/4 Improver - An easy but mega cool West Coast to a great smooth Ruby Turner track



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AZ Linedancing (Wednesday) - Now Lay Our Flowers was Skin

  AZ Linedancing (Newline) - Now Thumbs Up  was  One Reason


My Newline - Now Boom Pow was Pink Champagne

My Mainstream - Now Deep End  was Refund To My Heart

My Beginner/Improver - Now In The Cheap Seats was Dance For Evermore






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8th - 10th December 2017

Two nights D,B&B with all entertainment 139 all in

Karl, Jamie & Dave


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Bournemouth - New Years Eve - Dec 2018 - Dave, Karl & Jamie





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