Newcastle (13-15/11 - ALAMO weekend - With guest choreographer Ria Vos - Our annual Xmas special - A Xmas In Hawaii)
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Event Update ...……..


Southport, Maggie G - Rescheduled to 11th-13th December 2020

Carlisle, Just Dance - Cancelled - Back in 2021 with Maddy

Jersey, Awesome danceXplosion - Rescheduled to 13th-18th May 2021

Southport, Eurodance - Rescheduled to 17th - 21st June 2021

Torquay, Alamo - Cancelled - Back in 2021 with Ria

Newcastle, Just Dance - Cancelled - Back in 2021 with Maggie G, Hayley & Rep




My Radio Shows .......... :


Weekly - 3.00pm - Early-Bird requests from 2.30pm


Monday - The #WDM20 Spanish Hall Show

Tuesday - The AZ Linedancers Show

Thursday - The New Music File Show

Friday - The Classic Bring-Back Come-Back Show



Newline Live - Ad-Hoc Sunday evenings - Check schedule




Virtual/Radio Show Class Update .......... : 19th May



On-line Homework Projects :

-Let's Get Saved - 11pm Retro Wed

-After Midnight - 5pm Retro Thurs (& Cool Whip too)

-Wicked Echoes - 6pm Stream Sat

We also played Follow Me & Rappers Delight from last week


Early-Birds (A revision week) :

-Week2 - Revival (Jose/Guillaume)

-Week3 - I Will Be There (Guillaume/Amy)

Practice - Perfect Crime (Shane/JP/Jonas)

Social pick - Lifer (Darren)


Intermediate :

New1 - This Is Love (Emma/Mel/Alison/Peter)

A smooth Samba to Westlife's L.O.V.E. - A 'Fundtastic' dance

New2 - Let's Get Physical (Karl/Lucy) - An upbeat East Coast

-Week2 - Summer Groove (Fred)

-Week3 - Dare To Love (Maggie/Gary)

Practice - Stay Home (Guillaume & Co)

Social pick -Tear Me Down (Maggie) - React (Maggie/Gary)


Late-Bird :

New - Don't Wanna Fight (Maddy) - Phrased country Rolling-8

-Week2 - King Is Born (Shane)

-Week3 - Watch Me Dance (Debbie)

Practice - Metronome (JP)

Social pick - Better As One (Fred/Darren)


Hot Prospects (Class requests) :

-The Vibe (Tim) - Cool intermediate pop West Coast

-On The Other Side (Gary/Maggie) - From Celtic Duo night

A lovely smooth Nathan Carter Nightclub 







Homework :-) ..........


Let's bring some dances back - How about these - My Dances of the Week from my Classic Bring-Back Come-Back Show ...……..




Miller Magic


Cry To Me

Cowboy Up

It's Up To You


Lay Low




Some popular On-Line teaches from StreamLine/RetroLine

-Faith & Desire
-Poetry In Motion
-The Way
-Amazing Faith

-Now Or Never

-Where We've Been

-Nu Flow

-Liverpool Fling

-It's Up To You

-Beethoven's Boogie


-Smooth Criminal

-Wild Wild West

-Cry To Me

-Cowboy Up




Any suggestions please



Linedancer Radio





Top 20 Teaches Survey - 17th March 2020

Frozen In Time

Let's pause & come back to theses as soon as we can


1. Crystal Touch - Claire Bell & Maddison Glover

2. Wintergreen - Maggie Gallagher

3. React - Gary O' Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

4. Half Past Tipsy - Rachael McEnaney-White & Maddison Glover

5. Sweet Attraction - Kate Sala, Dee Musk & Shelly Guichard

6. Keep Young - Maggie Gallagher

7. Stomp Down - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland

8. Dance Monkey - Alison Johnstone

9. Pretty Girl - Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly

10. Holding Hands Together - Jose MBV & Alison Johnstone

11. Turning Tables - Maddison & Tom Glover

12. La Bomba - Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever

13. Joke’s On You - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

14. Ocean To Ocean - David Hoyn, Grace David, Rebecca Lee, Sobrielo Philip Gene Michael

15. What A Man Gotta Do - Scott Blevins & Amy Bailey

16. Keep It Simple - Maggie Gallagher

17. One 2 Go - Robbie McGowan Hickie & Kate Sala

18. Catch - Jo Thompson Szymanski & Grace David

19. Crystal Dreams - Hayley Wheatley & Robert Lindsay

20. 3 To Tango - Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk & Jose MBV




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