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Southport (23-26/3 Maggie G Experience weekend with guest choreographers Dee & Gary O'Reilly)

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Newcastle (17-19/11 - ALAMO weekend - With guest choreographer Ria Vos - Our annual Xmas special - A Xmas In Hollywood)

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9th December 2017



Latest Current :

(Roughly those released in the last 12 months or so)

Champagne Promise (Tina Argyle) - David Nail - 32/4 Beginner

Slowly, Gently, Softly (Gary O'Reilly) - Justin Bieber - 32/2 Intermediate

Lonely Drum (Darren Mitchell) - Aaron Goodwin - 32/4 Intermediate

Nancy Mulligan (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly) - Ed Sheeran - 32/4 Improver

Bored (Ria Vos) - Eric Hutchinson - 32/4 Beginner

Human After All (Ria Vos) - Rag 'n Bone Man - 32/4 Higher Intermediate

Tongue Tied Up (Teresa & Vera) - Earl - 64/2 Intermediate

Love Remains (Gary O'Reilly) - Hillary Scott - 48/2 Intermediate

Funky Sole (Robbie M. Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson) - Michael Bolton - 64/4 Easy Intermediate

Perfect (Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot) - Ed Sheeran - 32/2 Intermediate

Tango With Me Darling (Rob Fowler & Daniel Whitaker) - Michael Nantel - 64/4 Intermediate

East To West 17 (Alison Johnstone & Simon Ward) - Train - 32/4 Improver

Dans Le Tango (Pat Stott) - In-Grid - 64/4 Improver

Scared of The Dark (Daniel Whittaker) - Steps - 64/4 Intermediate

Run Me Like A River (Roy Verdonk & Co) - Bishop Briggs - 32/4 Advanced

Clap Snap (Philip Sobrielo & Rebecca Lee) - Icona Pop - 96/1 Intermediate

Lady In Red (Simon Ward) - Chris DeBurgh - 48/2 Advanced

Time To Surrender (Rachael McEnaney-White & Simon Ward) - James Morrison - 96/2 Intermediate

Friday At The Dance (Rob Fowler & Laura Sway) - Michael English - 32/4 Improver

Attention (Karl-Harry Winson) - Charlie Puth - 32/4 Intermediate

Dancin' The Dust (Tina Argyle) - Jon Pardi - 32/4 Improver

Refund To My Heart (Ria Vos) - Brenna Whitaker - 64/4 Intermediate

Strip That Down (Maggie Gallagher & Tim Johnson) - Liam Payne - 64/2 Higher Intermediate

Diamond Dreams (Robbie M. Hickie) - Castro - 64/2 Intermediate

Drop Dead Gorgeous (Neville & Julie) - Michael Tyler - 32/4 Improver

Old & Grey (Rob Fowler) - Derek Ryan - 64/4 Improver

Dy Na Mite (Dee Musk) - Nause - 64/2 Intermediate

Roots (Tina Argyle) - Zac Brown Band - 48/4 Improver

Wandering Hearts (Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher) - The Wandering Hearts - 32/2 Improer

Kissing Strangers (Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney-White) - DNCE - 64/2 Intermediate

Throwback Love (JP & Co) - Meghan Trainor - Phrased Intermediate

Every Time She Walks By (Heather Barton) - Adam Brand - 48/2 Improver

Paddy's Choir (Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher) - Patrick Feeney - 32/4 Beginner

Skin (Ria Vos) - Rag 'n Bone Man - 48/2 Intermediate

Taking Care Of You (Ria Vos) - Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - 32/2 Intermediate/Advanced

Pink Champagne (Rachael McEnaney-White) - Nick Lopez - 64/2 Higher Intermediate/Advanced


Scarborough (9-11/3 - ALAMO weekend -
'Just Dave' teaching the latest hit prospects - Guest teaches from Jeffke & Hayley)
Our retirement year in Scarborough - Thanks to everyone for your support over many awesome years :-)


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Still Popular :

Gypsy Queen


Lay Low

Take Me To The River


The Queen

Say It Again

Better When I'm Dancin'

Dear Friend

Dig Your Heels

Let It Swing


I Came To Love You

So Just Dance Dance Dance

Some Girls Will

Ain't Misbehavin'

Until The Dawn

The Bomp

Rose From The Sea

Simatra & Chardonnay


Well Do Ya

Water Off A Ducks Back

Ticket To The Blues

Oops Baby


Big Blue Tree

Heavenly Cha

Blue Ain't Your Color

Darling Hold My Hand

Strip It Down



Sound Of Silence

Coranzon Diamante

And Get It On

Corn Don't Grow

Solo Amor

Lipstick Powder & Paint

The Real Deal

From The Ground Up

Uptown Funk

Your Loving Arms

Save The Day

Shards Of Glass

24k Magic

Dangerous Games

The Long Way Home

You Don't Know Love

Your Heaven



Bournemouth (30/12-2/1 - Let's Party weekend

- A New Years Eve Party weekend  - Dave, Karl & Jamie - 3 nights DB&B)

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Favourite Classics :

Islands In The Stream

Pot Of Gold

Somebody Like You

Smokey Places

Blue Night Cha

Ribbon Of Highway

About Feelings

Chill Factor

Just For Grins

Bittersweet Memory

Come Dance With Me

Caught In The Act

Lamtara Rhumba

Patient Heart

Black Coffee

My New Life

Vertical Expressions


This Is Me

Beautiful In My Eyes

Girl Crush

Deeply Completely

Forever & A Day

Have Fun Go Mad

Walkin' The Line

All Week Long

Just A Memory

It's Up To You

Just Want To Dance

Stroll Along Cha Cha

Where We've Been

Tush Push

We're Alive

Wow Tokyo

Feet Don't Fail Me Now

Heartbreak Express

All Day Long

Tell The World

Galway Girls

Into The Arena

Shania's Moment

Hot Tamales

Midnight Waltz

Poetry In Motion

T Bone Shuffle

Before The Devil

County Line Cha Cha

J'ai Du Boogie

Just A Kiss

Bossa Nova

Human Dancer

Skinny Genes