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Top 20 Teaches Survey - 2nd July 2019 .......


1. Get Wild - Jo Thompson Szymanski & Maddison Glover

2. Legend - Karl Harry Winson & Robbie McGowan Hickie

3. Shot Of Tequila - Fred Whitehouse

4. Dance On My Island - Gary O' Reilly & Shane McKeever

5. Rocket To The Sun - Maddison Glover

6. Everything I Have - Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

7. Miss Congeniality - Julie Lockton & Sebastiaan Holtland

8. Selfish - Robbie McGowan Hickie

9. LILY - Darren Bailey

10. Day Of The Dead - Dan Dan-Kelly Albro

11. Down To The Roots - Scott Blevins & Fred Whitehouse

12. The Show - Guillaume Richard & Debbie Rushton

13. Simply The Best - Rachael McEnaney-White & Maddison Glover

14. Water On The Flames - Maggie Gallagher

15. I Think I Found Love - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

16. Shaky - Gary Lafferty

17. Bonaparte Retreat - Maddison Glover

18. Incredible - Ria Vos

19. Keep It Simple - Maggie Gallagher

20. Heal Me - Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax







From The DJ Booth :-)







Alamo - Torquay

Dancers Top 10 .......


#9-Miss Congeniality
#7-Drop Snap
#6-True Inspiration
#5-Make No Promises
#4-Mad Crazy Love
#3-Get Wild
#2-My Angel & Me
#1-Nothing But You






Just Dance - Newcastle

Dancers Top 10 .......


#10-Nothing But You
#7-Simply The Best
#6-Just A Phase
#5-Mad Crazy Love
#4-Everything I Have
#3-Get Wild
#2-My Angel & Me
#1-I Am Giant





Maggie G Experience - Bournemouth

Dancers Top 10 .......


#9-Simply The Best
#8-Just A Phase
#7-Love Is Loud
#6-Everything I Have
#4-I Am Giant
#3-My Angel & Me
#2-Mad Crazy Love
#1-Nothing But You




Jersey & Sundance


The first plays for me at these event :


515 - Fred Whitehouse

Angel & Corona - Darren Bailey & Co

Drop Snap - JP Madge & Jose

Falling Walls - Darren Bailey

Give Me Love - Fred Whitehouse & Nicola Lafferty

Habibi - Gary O'Reilly

I Am Me - Willie Brown & Heather Barton

In The Six - Joey Warren & Shane McKeever

Mad Crazy Love - Gary O'Reilly

Middle Of The Road - Fred Whitehouse

Miss Congeniality - Julie Lockten & Sebastiaan Holtland

My Rules - Amy Glass

Rainberry - Guillaume Richard

She Ain't Me - Maggie Gallagher

Simply The Best - Rachael McEnaney & Maddison Glover

Small Town Summer - Karl-Harry Winson

Sweet & Mentally Insane - Will Craig

Who Needs Mexico - Claire Bell

Who's Up All Night - Brandon Zahorsky

Wild Boys - Fred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever & Niels Poulsen

You & Me Together - Ria Vos







Just Dance - Carlisle

Dancers Top 10 .......


#10-Whisper In My Ear
#8-I Am Giant
#4-We'll Be Dancing
#3-Just A Phase
#2-My Angel & Me



And the noticable first plays for me at an event :


Accidentally On Purpose Heather Barton
Andante Andante Nathan Gardiner
Cherry Bomb Rob Fowler
Day Of The Dead Dan Albro
Desert Wind Kate Sala & Robbie M. Hickie
Good Vibes Fred Whitehouse
Keep It Simple Maggie Gallagher / Karl-Harry Winson & Dwight
Make You Feel My Love Claire Bell
My Love Goes On Neville & Julie
Nothing But You Darren Bailey
Off The Beaten Track Gary O'Reilly
Power Over Me Roy Verdonk & Co
Starlight Kate Sala & Robbie M. Hickie
Sucker Julia Wetzel
The Castle Pat Stott
The Newfie Stomp Mike Hitchen
Veil Of Tears Tina Argyle
Yes M'am No M'am Ria Vos







Maggie G Experience - Southport

Dancers Top 10 .......


#8-Oh Me Oh My Oh
#7-We'll Be Dancing
#3-Just A Phase
#2-My Angel & Me









Carlisle (3-5/4 - Just Dance weekend

- Big Dave & Diddy Dave with guest choreographers Roy Verdonk & Jeffke Camps

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Dances Taught







Dave & Pauline invite you to ........

Alamo 2019/20

Mainstream Improver thru Intermediate Line Dancing


Hosted by Dave & Pauline








15th - 17th November 2019

Two nights D, B&B with all entertainment £159 all in


Kate & Dave

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10th - 12th July 2020

Two nights D, B&B with all entertainment £169 all in

Add Sunday evening DB&B plus evening social for £60



Ria & Dave

Our Torquay 'Retirement' event - Thanks for the memories Torquay dancing friends xxx

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13th - 15th November 2020

Two nights D, B&B with all entertainment £159 all in


Ria & Dave

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.... Niels - Love Rush w/Simon & Maddison is a great Viannese Waltz - And No Strings Attached a cracking 8&1 Cha - Just Dance w/Debbie is a cracking Int/Adv Samba


.... Fred - Good Vibes a fun upbeat Improver - 5:15 a cool intermediate West Coast - Check out Fred's new Nightclub Life Is Worth Living - And an advanced funky I Can't Stop wa a hit at Sundance & Marathon - Shot Of Tequila, a cool Mambo style 32/4 Intermediate was a big hit at both too


.... Scott - Three new dances out of the Marathon - Down To The Roots w/Fred (Funky Advanced West Coast), Boys w/Joey (Funky Intermediate West Coast) & Apple Juice w/Paul James (Intermediate Funky Waltz)


..... Karl - Legend w/Robbie a cool Easy Intermediate tribute to Lizzie - Saluti a great follow-up - And watch out for a cracking Young Love at WDM


..... Neville & Julie - For a cracking new Intermediate Cha check out Whenever I'm With You - Across The County Line is a cool country improver, as is I Think I Found Love  - Before I Go is a lovely smooth/slow West Coast - More Nightclubs - I Just Want To Love You, I Am Yours & Restless Dreaming - Out Of Love is a lovely smooth waltz going well - And My Own Hero a cool funky Rolling-8


..... Maggie - Everything I Have(Intermediate) & All I Need To Know (Advanced) w/Gary are great Nightclubs - Also a catchy country improver Something You Love - Water On The Flames a cool new pop Cha (James Blunt)


..... Rachael - Lonely Blues is a rockin' catchy country Beginner/Improver


.... Maddison - Check out Love Rush w/Simon & Niels - And Lonely Lovers is a cool new country improver Cha - Simply The Best is a cracking 8&1 Cha w/Rachael


.... Simon - Two lovely waltzes Music To My Eyes w/Derek Steele & Love Rush w/Niels & Maddy - Also a cracking 8&1 Cha w/Maddy & Niels called No Strings Attached - For a Nightclub it's Tai-Want Love w/Debbie - And Hypnotized Cha a cool country 8&1 Cha


.....Ria - From Sundance ...... Can We Pretend w/Dwight a cracking intermediate pop Cha - Incredible a smooth Rolling-8 - Mi Mala a cool improver Latin Samba - Time 2 Get Sexy a catchy improver Latin Cha - And out soon, Diamond Wings w/Dee a lovely smooth Nightclub


.....Kate - Check out Devil Calling w/Karl, a lovely smooth country Nightclub - And Pandora w/Jamie & Tina, an ubeat improver country Cha - Also Baby Bandit w/Karl - Novocaine Kiss w/Rob & Darren is a cool advanced country Cha, not so sure it's advanced so don't let that put you off checking it out


.....Gary - Mad Crazy Love a lovely smooth country Rolling-8 - Habibi is a catchy improver Samba, Everything I Have w/Maggie a lovely smooth Nightclub (Westlife/Better Man) & Dance On My Island w/Shane a funky/pop intermediate Samba


.....Tina - Timbuktu a rockin' Brooks & Dunn country Cha - And Country Mile a cool/smooth Improver West Coast - In Torquay Tina taught us Young Love (Will Young) w/Karl, a cool Cha beat (& likely his WDM teach) - Also a lovely Nightclub Way Too Soon (Likely Tina's WDM teach) - For a catchy country improver check out Everybody Wanna ........ Dig Deep is a lovely smooth Cha w/Hayley/Robert going really well


.....Others : Beginner - Pat Stott's Codigo is going well, a cool Geotge Strait Cha


.....Others : Easier - Darren's L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You) is a cool Easy Intermediate pop Cha - With Amy, Something That You Want, a cracking 8&1 Cha 


.....Others : Intermediate - Check out Dee's catchy new Samba Get You Some - Senorita, my pick is Pat & Julie's dance for a mainstream hit, but a funky crowd will enjoy Jose & Rhoda's ChaCha Senorito


.....Others : Newline - Guillaume's The Show is cool yet easy - And his Rocketman an awesome Nightclub - Jose & JP's Drop Snap is a great funky one going really well - Jose/JP w/Damiel's Arcade is a lovely smooth/phrased Nightclub - Likewise Shane's Burden (& it's Keith Urban too) & Joey's Wiser & Older Fred's Down To The Roots & I Can't Stop are the funky hits of the moment



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