Updated 22nd October




Rolling 10 Tips (Or more)

Mainstream - Smooth (NC/Waltz/WCS/2Step/Rolling)

Going Overdrive (Darren)

Loud (Mark & Chris)

Forever Together (Heather)

For The Love Of It (Maddisom)

Sooner or Later (Gary/Dee)

Flaws (Maggie)

Hand Me Downs (Gary)

High Note (Ria)

How Love Is Made (Darren) - Love Is Made (Maddison)

I Found You (N&J) - I Found You (M&C)

Heaven On Your Lips (Niels)

Days In The Sun (Heather/Andrena)

One More Try (N&J)

Forget Me (Heather/Lee)





Rolling 10 Tips (Or more)

Mainstream - Upbeat (Cha/ECS/Funky)

Hasta La Vista (Gary/Maggie)

Smoke Me (Jamie/Laura)

Another Heart (Maggie & Gary)

Tequila Shots (Flo)

Show Me The Rain (Esmeralda/Mark/Chris)

Sharks (Julia)

Love With No Meaning (Ryan)

Hold Me Closer (Gary/Maggie)

Something To Someone (Maggie)

Rockstar Baby (Ria)

80's Rewind (Kate/Jame)

Hey Cinderella (Kim)

Castles (Kate)

Never Not (Ria)

Rather Crazy (Fred/Kim)

Ghost Of You (A&P)

Good Time Blues (Karl/Ryan)

Rockstar Baby (Ria)





Rolling 10 Tips (Or more)

Newline - Smooth (NC/Waltz/WCS/2Step/Rolling)

Kissing Boys (Guillaume/Niels)

Soulmates (Shane)

We're Unstoppable (Joey)

Dancing In The Stars (Ryan/Jannie)

The One Who Gets Me (Rachael)

Honest Conscience (R&F)

I'm Not Your (Jose/Guillaume)

Bare My Soul (Darren/Fred/Roy/Daniel)

Vulnerable (R&F)

Unholy War (JP)

The Scientist (Shane)

Anything's Possible (Bradley/Joey)

Move You (Simon)

You Have My Word (Jose/Paul/Emma)

Bad For Me (Guillaume)

Never Fool Me (RoyH/Shane/JoT)

Somewhere In The Night (Shane/Jose/Niels)

6's to 9's (Jo/Scott)





Rolling 10 Tips (Or more)

Newline - Upbeat (Cha/ECS/Funky)

Unleash The Power (R&F)

Go Down (Tim)

Swingin' Praise (Shane/Maddison)

Oh My Cha (Fred/Shane)

Headphones (Tim/Rebecca)

Ctrl+Alt+Del (Rhoda/Rebecca/Guillaume)

My Happy Place (Niels)

Settle The Score (Fred/Shane/Niels)

Free To Run (R&F)

Cyber Swagger (Fred/Shane)

Show Me The Rain (Esmeralda/Mark/Chris)

Reasons Why I Do (Debbie/JP)

Get What I Want (Rachael/Cody)

Walk The Talk (Debbie)

I'm Fabulous (Niels)

Show Ya (R&F)

Saturday Sunday What (Niels)

Color Me Crazy (Tim/Joey)

Big Energy (Tim/Scott)

Unbreakable (Fred)

Two Step Turn (Shane)

Boomshakalaka (Guillaume)

In Da House (Newline22 Team)

I See The Light (Guillaume)

Makin' Moves (Fred)

Color Me Crazy (Tim/Joey)

On My Own (Joey)

Night 'Til Dawn (Joey)

2-Step Turn (Shane)

Party Pants (Debbie/Dustin)

The Sphinx (Simon, R&F & Rebecca)





Rolling 10 Tips (Or more)


Shake Your Cake (Amy/Cody)

Mama & Me (Gary)

Wind In My Sails (Maggie)

Boogie Train Diner (Jamie/Michelle)

Remember This (Maddison)

Impossible Love (Niels)

2 Stepping Away (Darren/Rob/Kate)

Irish Boots (Kate/Roy/Jeffke/Ivonne)

Hillbilly Disco (Ria)

Country Touch (Darren/Fred)

No Body (Tina)

Bright Eyes (Jose)

If Not For You (Alison/Joshua)

All My Love (Karl/Jamie)

Stars Outside (Heather/Lee)

A Cold Beer (Shane/Jose/Niels)

Let's Smile (Michelle/Mathew)

1 2 Snap (Maggie)

Versions Of You (Jamie)

OutOf My Way (Roy/Daniel/Ivonne)

Handle On You (Jeffke/RoyV)

DNA (Kate & Co)

Crowded Mind (Shane/Niels)

Watch It (Rob)

Jaja Ding Dong (RoyV & Co)

Someone To You (Guillaume)

Get Loose (Esmeralda)

Hillbilly Disco (Ria)





Rolling 10 Tips (Or more)


Bottom Of The Bottle (Gary)

Mighty Fine (Ria)

Don't Fly Away (Karl)

Flip It (A&P)

That's When I Rememer (Darren)

Don't Look Down (Yvonne)

Sunroof (Shane)

Gold (Claire)

Heaven's Jukebox (Jose/Willie)

Remix Of Love (Gary)

United In Love (Ria)

Rhythm & Rain (Kim)

Heave Away (Rob)

No Way Jose (Tina)

Rhythm & Rain (Kim)





Rolling 10 Tips (Or more)


2 Stepping Away (Darren/Rob/Kate) - Improver

A Cold Beer (Shane/Jose/Niels) - Improver

American Cowgirl (GaryL) - Improver

Country Paradise (Dee) - Improver

Far From It (Heather/Andrew) - High Improver

Country Touch (Fred/Darren) - Easy Intermediate

Still Working 9-2-5 (Junior/ScottS) - Easy Intermediate

5 O'Clock Dance (Debbie) - Intermediate

Dancing In The Country (Maddison) - Intermediate

Darts In The Dark (Maggie) - Intermediate

Them Boots (JoT/Anna) - Intermediate

Together We Can (Fab4) - Intermediate

Boots Are Shaking (Rob) or Shakin' In Them Boots (Kate) - Intermediate





Rolling 10 Tips


Jaja Ding Dong (RoyV & Co)