Updated 17th September




Rolling 10 Tips

Mainstream - Smooth (NC/Waltz/WCS/2Step)

Still The One I Love (Jose)

Visiting Hours (Alison/Joshua)

Lonely Hearts (Maggie)

Would Have Loved Her (Darren)

Iris (N&J)

Rise Again (Gerard Murphey)

No Expectations (Jason)

Everything In Between (Kim)

Home Is On The Way (Heather)

Who's Hurting Who (Jamie/Karl)





Rolling 10 Tips

Mainstream - Upbeat (Cha/ECS/Funky)

Hey Gringo (Ria)

Thrill Me Cha Cha (Tim/Hayley)

Lala Swing (Tim/JP)

Don't Shut Me Down (Mark & Chris)

Shivers (A&P) - Give Me Sivers (Julia) - Give Me The Shivers (Will)

We'll Go Dancing (Willie/JR)

Who's Hurting Who (Karl/Jamie)

Shouting To The Monsters (Niels)

Don't Go Yet (Maddison)

Flick That Switch (N&J)

Kiss My Uh Oh (Karl)





Rolling 10 Tips

Newline - Smooth (NC/Waltz/WCS/2Step)

Lifeline (Niels)

Bruised Not Broken (Shane)

Madelyn (Darren)

Impossible Is Possible (Fred/Shane)

Drops Of Jupiter (Daniel/Ivvone)

Malibu Nights (Joey)

Share That Love (JP/Jannie)

Impossible Is Possible (Fred/Shane)

Blood On A Rose (Simon/Niels)






Rolling 10 Tips

Newline - Upbeat (Cha/ECS/Funky)

Gotta Have It (Joey)

Cyber Drop (Fred/Shane)

Stressed (Dustin)

I'm Begging You (Jose/Roy)

It's Go Time (Fred/Shane)

Shake Ya Body (Fred/Shane)

Future Is Calling (Roy & Fiona)

Losing All Control (Mark & W3)

After Taste (Rachael)

Losing All Control (Mark & W3)

Can Keep It (JP)





Rolling 10 Tips


Do It All Again (Niels)

Cold Heart (Maddison)

She Cares (Niels)

D.O.D. (Fred)

Shape It Up (Daniel/Jose/Roy)

Raised Like That (Darren)

Wherever You Go (Kim)

Day One One Day (Ria)

Dance The Rain Away (Dee)

Que Paso (Jose/Ivonne)





Rolling 10 Tips


Kesi (Ria)

Float Ya' Boat (Ria)

Weekend Vibes (Jamie/Karl)

One Last Two Step (Claire)

Blue Jean Baby (Julie/Sebastiaan)

You're Too Late (Ivonne/Jose)

Looking Up (Maggie)

Boom Boom Clap (Roy/Seb/Annette)







Rolling 10 Tips


Same Boat (Rachael - Improver)

Dancing In Denim & Diamonds (A&P - Intermediate)

Test Of Time (Tina - Improver)

What A Song Can Do (Heather/Andrew - Improver)

Walls Come Down (Heather/Willie)

Train Wreck (Niels - Improver)

All The Girls (Fab4 - Intermediate)

You're My Favourite (JoT - Intermediate)

Corn (Rob - Improver)

Tonight We're Dancing (Maddison - Intermediate)





Rolling 10 Tips


My Bestie (Colin/Jose)

Don't Worry Be Happy (Debbie)

The Captain (Josh)

Liquid Sunshine (Raymond/Ira)

Tijuana (Britt)

Toot Toot (Linda)

Sexy Eyes (Gary)