Dancing Accountant

Beat The Taxman :-)

Someone who knows the business & the taxman


I can hopefully also save you a lot of money & a lot of tax stress !!! and in many cases you may not have to pay any tax at all


I’m a qualified FCMA Accountant of 30+ years – And experienced in dealing with my own Accounts/Taxation matters for all my dance activities ---- In 2005 I took VR at work – And as part of going full time into the dance business, I can now offer an accounting service to dancing folk in the UK (Instructors & Choreographers) – I have helped out various sole trader businesses/friends in the past, but going forward I would like to focus/specialise more on the dance business.


I offer a completely confidential service - To give advice as & when required (Especially the best way to keep your records – There are many short cuts to keeping this easy !!) & to build up your annual records into a set of accounts acceptable to the Inland Revenue (& endorse them as a qualified FCMA Accountant which does help get Inland Revenue agreement/acceptance of your submissions).


From my own experience I’m confident that I can make the investment in my service worthwhile to you as I pursue the objective of working with you to minimise your tax bill – Even avoid it all together. At the very least you get a set of Accounts that the Inland Revenue will be less likely to challenge – And from talking informally with many Instructors/Choreographers, I’m convinced I could save most people significant money if you are paying tax – Or ensure the tax man does not challenge you if you are lucky enough not to pay any !!!


Contact me if you are interested – If you keep a reasonable record of your activities the cost of this service – For a day of my time to review everything & pull together a P&L Account that you can include in your own tax return would be around £125 the first year & £100 thereafter under normal circumstances (Covers one days work which is usually enough) – It will be worth it – ‘Trust Me’ !!!


The final rate can be negotiable between us if there is significantly more or less to do than the norm - This will depend on how well you keep your own weekly records – Your input to me could be anything from the proverbial brown box full of income records/receipts and/or your own weekly record sheets through to a well kept Small Business Ledger Book or a computer spreadsheet/Accounting package – And part of what we’d do the first time would be to work out how best for you to keep your records the following year that suites your own business & circumstances.


Don’t wait until the next tax deadline – Contact me to discuss how you are keeping your records & how I could help you when the time comes – You are probably spending way too much time on your bookkeeping than actually needed ……..Or maybe you are not doing enough & don’t wait for the tax man to catch up with you !!!


Dave Baycroft (FCMA)