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The pre-event pool party night on the Wednesday This event is now soley hosted by Dave & Pauline (Awesome Linedancing) - Sue & Ken have retired from the event & best wishes to them xxx


The pre-event pool party night on the Wednesday

Then the opening night on the Thursday Workshops & Social Nights Friday, Saturday & Sunday Monday a free day with the post event social night in Coco's


26/4 - Wed - Pre-event informal 'Tikki Pool Bar' Party

27/4 - Thur Free Day - Social Evening 1

28/4 - Frid - Workshops 1 / Social Evening 2

29/4 - Sat - Workshops 2 / Social Evening 3 - With a live entertainment set

30/4 - Sun - Workshops 3 / Social Evening 4

1/5 - Mon - Post-event informal 'Coco Bar' Evening



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Optional Group Day Out On Monday

Thinking a day trip to Gibralter   



Sleeping up to 4

Apartment Prices in Euros - Before event added

90 (No view)

95 (Mountain view)

105 (Sea view)

115 (Prime Sea view)

Apartment Prices in Euros - Event & added nights

100 (No view)

105 (Mountain view)

115 (Sea view)

125 (Prime Sea view)



Event Pass in Euros

Dancers 100 - Non-Dancers 35



25% by October 2022 - Balance by February 2023




Booking Information


 Contact Pauline for details/queries, availability or bookings

(Or via Facebook)






A quality dance event in an awesome venue (Hotel & lovely ballroom) but a good mix of dancing & vacation time over between 4 to 8 days (Or longer if you want to extend), so that it works for dancers and non-dancing partners/families too (We'll share you with them fairly !!)

You pay by apartment for the accommodation which is cheap, especially if you share (& it's self catering)

And we have a very cheap non-dancer rate too so your partners or families can join you cheaply for the 4 evening dance socials (Or no charge at all if they will be doing their own thing)








Dave & Pauline invite you to ........

Sundance 2023


Malaga, Spain

26th April - 2nd May 2023



Ria, Shane, Fred & Jose


DJ Big Dave



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