Affordable Helium Balloon Service

(North East, Bedlington Based)


Much cheaper than you can do yourself (Because of our trade gas prices) - And less hassle !!!

A cheaper/better & more personal service than you'll find elsewhere



Latex Balloons

Bunch of 3 for 8 - Bunch of 5 for 11 - Colours to order - Including weight (Style to order)

(Discounts for large events/orders & weight returns)


Latex balloons last around 10-12 hours - Or ask for Hi-Float treatment for longer)

For higher quality ask about Foil balloons

Around 14 for a bunch of 3 (Basic/plain round or star design)

(More depending on the foil balloon size/design)



        Or ask for a quote for any special requirements !!!     



Delivered & Made-Up (Or constructed by us at the venue during your set-up time) - Inclusive of weighted box & ribbons

Delivery 1.00 per mile (Return mileage)


Call Pauline on 07868 424 587